Preferred Jewelers Warranty

Our Promise

Avenue Jewelers is proud to offer the finest quality jewelry. We’re so confident in the quality of our products and the steps we’ve taken to select them, that we’re happy to offer the following warranty:

The “Preferred Jewelers Warranty” Just like your lifetime commitment to one another in your marriage, Avenue Jewelers is committed to taking care of your wedding rings for life. Sizing, tightening loose diamonds, replacing missing diamonds (up to .20ct), re-tipping worn prongs, etc., you’re covered. Also, if life’s travels move you away from Avenue Jewelers, your warranty travels right along with you. Your engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings are covered under the “Preferred Jewelers International” network of stores. To keep this warranty free and in effect, we’ll need to check and inspect your rings every six months. Don’t worry; we’ll be happy to remind you when check-up time comes.

Preventative Maintenance and Cleaning: From inspection and cleaning to tightening and re-tipping, you’re covered for life.

Keep your gemstones where they belong: If any gemstone in your jewelry ever comes loose, we will tighten it. If any .20ct or less melee gemstone in your jewelry ever falls out, we will replace it keeping your jewelry fitting for life: We are happy to resize your rings to the extent possible for the lifetime that you own them!

*Exclusions and Exceptions to, and Voiding of the Avenue Jewelers Promise:

The “Avenue Jewelers Preferred Jewelers Warranty” applies only to engagement rings and wedding bands purchased at Avenue Jewelers and excludes: (i) damages or repairs that become necessary because of excessive wear or misuse of the jewelry (including, without limitation, ring settings or jewelry metals that are damaged beyond repair); (ii) designer restrictions (including, without limitation, resizing restrictions or gemstone type restrictions); (iii) item construction, design, structure and style restrictions (including, without limitation, sizing of a pave’ set ring, eternity bands, and other repairs or modifications that are not possible because of the construction, design, structure or style of the jewelry); and (iv) replacement of gemstones larger than .20 carat.

The Avenue Jewelers “Preferred Jewelers Warranty” will not apply to and shall be void regarding: (i) any jewelry repaired, modified or worked on by any person or jeweler other than Avenue Jewelers and its approved network of “Preferred Jewelers International” locations; and (ii) to any jewelry that is transferred, gifted or conveyed to any person other than yourself or the first intended recipient of the jewelry (for example, if the jewelry is a gift for yourself or your spouse, and you or your spouse later transfers, gifts or conveys the jewelry to another person, the “Avenue Jewelers Preferred Jewelers Warranty” will not apply to and shall be void in regard to the jewelry).

The “Avenue Jewelers Preferred Jewelers Warranty” is effective for purchases that occurred on or after January 2015. Avenue Jewelers reserves the right to terminate or modify the “Avenue Jewelers Preferred Jewelers Warranty” for future purchases.

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