About Us

We know our stuff!
We've been around awhile, 49 years to be exact. You don't stick around that long without impressing a customer or two. Our expert team has been around the block and knows jewelry like nobody's business.

Avenue Jewelers is owned by Joe & Bonnie Pankratz with Jason Druxman. Both Joe & Bonnie grew up right here in the Fox Valley while Jason, who is a fourth generation jeweler, was born and raised in Seattle. Our combination of relationships and expertise offer you confidence that your purchase at Avenue Jewelers is a wise one.

Our 'Satisfaction' Promise
We promise you'll be abundantly satisfied! It's that simple. In fact 'satisfied' is kind of an insult. If you're 'satisfied' we didn't do our job. This is jewelry! It's extravagant, beautiful, and luxurious. If you're just satisfied we want you back in this store immediately so we can make you absolutely, positively, abundantly satisfied!

We Care.  We really do!
There's an old proverb that says "To him much is given, much is required."  We believe that and live it.  As we have been blessed with so many years of success, we love to be a blessing to others. Avenue Jewelers and our customers are  proud to help support countless charities and fundraisers throughout the Fox Valley.

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