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So it's been sitting in that drawer for 20 years. Time to get rid of it and get some cash. Bring it in to us and we'll put a value on it. Maybe you didn't know but we got our start in coins back in 1973! That was a long time ago but Avenue Coin still lives on. Come in or set an appointment with one of our "Coin Guys", they can help you understand what you really have. It may not say coin on the door anymore but Avenue Coin is one of the largest coin buyers and dealers in the state.


Avenue Coin buys, sells, and appraises coins, paper money, silver, platinum bullion/precious metals, and estate jewelry. We can help you...

o Appraise, evaluate, and liquidate your collection or estate.
o Start a collection.
o Fill a coin or currency request.


Avenue Coin...

o Offers consulting and appraising of collections both
large and small.
o Travels to coin and jewelry conventions nationwide.
o Has satisfied customers for over 47 years.
o Is the largest handlers of estates in the Fox Valley.